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Best Outfit Ideas for Men
Working from Home

Guidance for your home office wear attire

In current times, working from home is becoming the norm for practically everyone. And there’s plenty to feel happy about considering you have longer lie-ins, plenty of food to access and saving on the commute time.

No wonder it's become a bit of a phenomenon to see people working from home in their sweats, while conducting their meetings via Zoom. Some bosses might even require that you use surveillance software, monitoring your activity at home.

Well known “fashion labels are designing outfits for video calls during the coronavirus pandemic,” according to Cristina Criddle for the BBC. The focus has been on the waist-up outfit, with more detailed neck outlines and relaxed trousers. Even Prada has moved their logos up to the neck, to be more prominent on video calls.

Back to earth now.

A man in a smart shirt working from home at laptop

Working from home gives you certain freedoms, including how you choose
to dress for your work activities, depending on your interactions with others.

Work From Home Outfits

If you’re new to working from home however, and many of us are, then you may be wondering what you should consider wearing for your work-from-home outfits. I need to dress appropriately for video conferencing, do I need to wear a tie? Do I really need to dress properly even though no ones around?

When you’re at the office there are rules to your attire and whilst you may not necessarily have to put on a full tie and suit, it’s still important that you look presentable so you can appear professional to your work colleagues and others you interact with. So here’s some guidance on potential outfit ideas for you when working from home.

An Overshirt

The best thing about overshirts is they’re extremely adaptable. They’re effectively a shirt jacket that’s a little beefy making it warm but smart attire. They can come in several designs including plain or flannel which provides a variety of options. It can be perfect for throwing over a plain t-shirt when you get an unexpected meeting invite, or your pyjamas!

A Polo

Ideal for any form of smart or casual occasion/event, the humble polo is a work from home outfit essential. You can dress it up if you need to with a blazer jacket or comfort it down with a pair of joggers to work from home and have the ideal comfort. The polo shirt is practically timeless and can fit any working day that suits you.

Man dressed in sweats working on a tablet, with a cup of coffee

Even a smart tracksuit can be a good home office wear attire that makes
you feel more relaxed, but still keeping your mind on the job responsibilities.

Plain T-shirt

If you need something that’s always going to be reasonable without question, then the plain t-shirt is what you need. Another timeless piece, it provides all kinds of benefits including comfort, practicality and ease.

Smart Tracksuit

A mens full tracksuit isn’t necessarily considered your standard office wear attire. However, the tracksuit scene is updating its range every minute and shouldn’t be completely disregarded as part of office attire. This is because smart tracksuits are now a thing and can be just as useful being worn outside the house. Coordinating your tracksuit with a plain white tee can produce the ideal and comfortable office wear for home.

Making Working from Home Easy

If working from home didn’t have a number of benefits already, it’s now just got a little easier. The ideas above are sure to provide comfort yet style to your work from home attire and ensure the time at home isn’t too tedious.

Remember that the more smartly you dress, even for your work at home, the more disciplined approach you will have to your job preformance. We all feel better looking good, even at home.

Author bio:

Jennifer Ranking is an experienced writer who takes her experiences from copywriting to construct her articles. Originally from the UK, she likes to write on a variety of topics including travel, health and business having worked with several businesses in the past through her freelance work.

Twitter: @jranking_

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