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5 Home Office Ideas Which Will Keep You Motivated All Day

How to make your home office a pleasant workplace

If you’ve been stuck working from home for most of the COVID-19 pandemic, or have already carved out space in your home to do the hobbies or crafts that you love, then you will know that a home office is a place which should inspire your creative flow and allow you to work in peace.

Woman working at home, with laptop on a table

With no end in sight for this pandemic, working from home has become
a new reality. May as well make it a pleasant and productive workplace.

However, quite often this is far from the truth and home offices tend to be the most neglected and unloved space in the home. Messy and unwelcoming working environments often mean that many people tend to work from anywhere but the home office - the sofa, kitchen table or even from bed. If this sounds like you, then here are some ideas for your home office to turn it into a space which you will love working from.

Chic Space

Your home office space should inspire you and reflect your personality, so you shouldn’t be afraid to go all out and make it how you want. Aim to make the office space functional, but also fashionable and reflective of your personality.

For example, a black feature wall might be too dark for some, but it can also add a splash of drama and depth into your home office. Functionality is key, as it makes your space liveable but also inspiring. An easy way you can add some glamour to your home office is by refreshing the lighting in the room. Get rid of boring lamps and light shades and look for something will a little extra detailing for a luxurious feel.

Add Some Greenery

If you want to breathe some life into your office room, try to ensure that you have a balanced home office which is ergonomic, comfortable, clean and practical. If these elements aren’t in place, then you’ll soon find yourself working in other spaces around your home instead. Plants, especially ones suited to office spaces, are a great way to make the room feel calm and will work to clean the air - plus it makes the room look nice too!

A home office setting in a corner, with a laptop and blinds on window
When you are setting up your home office, find the right spot and organize
everything that you need at hand, to focus on work, without distructions.

Let Light In

Keep connected with the outdoors and let in as much natural light as possible. Natural light helps to make a space feel bigger, which is a huge plus if you have a small home office. If you want to let light in, but keep distractions to a minimum, you could always invest fogged window film or bespoke blinds, which will still allow light into the room.

Optimise Your Work Space

No one works well in a messy office, so organisation is key. Don’t waste any space and use everywhere that is available to you. Tuck printers and filing cabinets underneath shelves or in corners and drawers and use all of your vertical space, too. Put cabinets up to the ceiling with different types of storage.

Use Hygge

Introducing Hygge into your home office space is a great way to make it comfortable and welcoming, but not too cosy that you will just want to nap! Adding neutral colours into your room, like on the walls and floor, paired with natural woods, plants and textiles (such as cotton blankets, pillows or rugs) will create a simple but super cosy working space.

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