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How to Make Bead and Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

The closer we get to the festive season, everything we do tends to gradually take on a holiday preparation atmosphere. There's no better time to motivate yourself and your family to start making fun Christmas crafts, than when Christmas holiday is bearing upon us. In particular, part of that holiday season family fun and enjoyment is making and preparing Christmas tree ornaments.

Family Christmas crafts fun

Christmas ornaments made from ordinary pipe cleaners and inexpensive acrylic beads are very pretty and easy to make. They look quite impressive yet are easy enough for small children to make. This is one of Christmas crafts ideas to use again and again, that's fun for the whole family. Older people will enjoy making this Christmas craft, too, which can be varied to make a number of different sparkling tree ornaments for your Christmas tree decorating.

Christmas decoration made from coloured beads
Sometime a simple idea of stringing together coloured beads can craft
a simple yet effective decoration to be used on your Christmas tree.

How to make bead ornaments

Christmas tree decorations
Knowing how to make bead and pipe cleaner ornaments will add to your Christmas tree decorating fun and enjoyment, while making your Christmas tree more beautiful.

To make the bead and pipe cleaner ornaments, you need common pipe cleaners in desired colors and acrylic beads.

Two types of beads are particularly effective when strung on pipe cleaners. One type are called sunburst beads, but are also known as paddlewheel beads, snowflake beads, or starburst beads.

These beads have six faceted paddles spaced equally around a center that contains the hole for stringing. When several of these sunburst beads are strung consecutively, they fit against each other in an interlocking pattern.

The other type of bead that is also effective for this Christmas craft is called the tri bead or propeller bead. It has three rounded bumps arranged around the stringing hole. Like the sunburst beads, the tri beads interlock when strung consecutively.

For the most sparkly and attractive Christmas ornaments, get tri beads and/or sunburst beads in translucent colors of red, green, and clear. The tri beads can also be found in metallic gold and silver which can be used in this Christmas craft as well.

Star decoration made from beads
With some imagination, beads, wire and other materials,
you can create Christmas star decoration for your tree.

How to make pipe cleaner ornaments

Pipe cleaners can be found in silver and gold tinsel as well as chenille of all colors. For the Christmas crafts, the best colors to use are the metallics and Christmas colors. The beads cover the pipe cleaners, but the ends will need to be twisted together and made into hangers, so that they show.

People-shaped pipe cleaner figures
Pipe cleaners come in different colours and can be easily shaped into different figures as per one's desires, including Christmas crafts

Anyone, even small children, can string these beads on pipe cleaners. Bend up the end of the pipe cleaner so the beads don't fall off.

The pipe cleaner works like a needle, making a needle unnecessary. For best results, show the children how to alternate colors when stringing, or start a pattern of three colors.

When the beads are strung on the pipe cleaners, they can be bent into different Christmas shapes.

For instance, string red and clear beads alternately, then bend down one end of the pipe cleaner for a candy cane shape. Or alternate red and green beads and form a circle for a wreath. Use red pipe cleaner to form a small bow to decorate the wreath. Form a hanger for the Christmas craft or simply slip the circle over a branch of the tree.

If you experiment with clear beads and silver pipe cleaners, you can make some beautiful snowflake or star ornaments. Snowflake designs can be twisted of silver pipe cleaner only, without the beads for a simple but pretty decoration.

Making bead and pipe cleaner ornaments can be Christmas fun for a whole family. These Christmas crafts will be useful every year. This simple, yet pretty and fun Christmas crafts will be appreciated by both children and their parents, while adding to the positive holiday atmosphere.

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