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Christmas Business Illustrations

How to spread Christmas cheer and create
your business recognition
with engaging illustrations

If you have a business and the holidays are approaching, you need to start thinking about the visuals. Okay, you may skip many other holidays, but Christmas illustrations are a must for your business recognition.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Every organization, company, small businesses, and their grandma will have prepared illustrations for the season when the most money is spent in order to draw new customers and to engage the old ones. Perhaps one of the best examples for our point is the work of iLustra - where you can see that even the big ones, such as McDonalds or Havas Worldwide, are not leaving anything to chance.

Christmas illustration cartoon style
Christmas illustrations are essential part of spreading Christmas cheer and
getting into the happy holiday mood at the office and with your business clients.

Now, why are illustrations that important?

Christmas is the time of the year when people are most generous; they reflect on the year that is ending, they think of their loved ones, and they want brands that they are loyal to. A warm home, Christmas lights, family atmosphere, holiday cheer... because your customers want to feel joyous during this season, your website, your products, your advertisements, even your emails must have that warm Christmas feel to them. And, for that, there is no better way than to have interesting and engaging illustrations.


Don't just go with simple stock illustrations. Customers are now used to that, and they recognize it as cheap. Let your products tell a tale. This will keep your customers' attention, and they will be more likely to buy what you are selling; not to mention that original illustrations will make them remember you. Just think – how does the product you like the most look? You will soon realize what we are talking about.

Handpainted pottery
Pre-fabricated Christmas product illustrations are easily available,
but nothing can beat a handcrafted original product illustrated for Christmas.


A simple Santa’s hat on the name of your brand and a Christmas sale are no longer enough. You need to go all out when you prepare for the Christmas stampede. Visits on your website will increase with a certain inevitability as the holidays are approaching. But if what welcomes your customers is non-cheerful content, your sales will go down with the same inevitability. It's important to create a positive and cheerful holiday atmosphere via your website.


Show your users that you are in on the Christmas cheer; send them emails with holiday promotions, and original printable greeting cards rich with holiday illustrations. They can send them to their loved ones – they will remember this and start associating you and your brand with their own values and BOOM – you have new loyal customers. It's a free, yet great tool for creating brand and business recognition.

Merry Christmas illustration
Christmas holiday promotions are always popular and can help you associate
your brand with cheerfully illustrated cards and email communication.


We cannot emphasize this enough – an original illustration, rich with meaning and teeming with ideas is the most powerful tool you could possibly use for promoting your business. Whether you are talking to children or adults, illustrations are an amazing selling point.

Social media is all about the right kind of illustration – you can boost whatever you want on Facebook, but the reality is that the algorithm Facebook uses will let more people see your advert if it is low on words, yet rich in original interesting illustrations. Instagram is all about the picture. Creative illustrations tend to go viral there with no payment needed.

Creative images can support your business recognition, and the story you want to tell to your target audience will reach the world inside their imaginations and make them connect your identity to what they have seen. And, if what they have seen pleases their inner sense for the aesthetic, you have hit your target and won potential customers.

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