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9 Cute and Simple
Christmas Crafts for Everyone

Do-it-yourself Christmas crafts that anyone can make

Three white and red Christmas tree baubles.
Christmas decorations are a plenty in the stores.
But for something different this year, try your hand at creating
Christmas crafts yourself, using everyday items.

If you’re looking for cute and simple Christmas crafts to decorate your home for the holidays, we have some ideas you’ll love. Not only will they put you in the holiday spirit and brighten up your home, but they can also make thoughtful, hand-made gifts. Some of these crafts are so simple even your children can do them, while others require a little more skill. They cost little to no money and shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes of your time. So, gather your kids, put on your favorite Christmas sweaters, play some holiday music, and start crafting.

Cute and simple Christmas crafts to try this season

Unleash your creativity and craft-ability by creating these nine cute and simple crafts for everyone.

1. Fake snowman

Put three cups of baking soda and 1/2 cup of hair conditioner in a bowl. Mix with a spoon until ’’snow’’ starts forming. Cover the bottom of a plate with fake snow and use the rest of the snow to make a snowman. Form one big ball with your hands for the body and one small ball for the head. Place the small ball on top of the big one. Tie a ribbon or a tiny piece of cloth around the neck. Use tiny buttons or coffee beans as eyes and chopsticks, toothpicks, or little branches as arms. You can even make a little hat for the snowman. Unleash your creativity!

A snowman made of fake snow.
You only need two ingredients to make fake snow -
baking soda and hair conditioner.

Simple Christmas crafts to make with a glass jar

Don’t throw away glass jars. You can use them for various Christmas crafts. Here are some of them.

2. A jar full of Christmas joy

Simply fill a jar with shiny Christmas baubles or colorful candy and tie a ribbon around its top. This is one of the easiest Christmas crafts involving a jar everyone can make.

3. Christmas snow globe

Glue a plastic figurine (think angel, reindeer, Christmas tree) onto the underside of the jar’s lid. When the glue is completely dry, pour distilled water inside the jar. Add a dash of glycerin. Next, add white glitter or small plastic snowflakes into the water. Put the lid back on and turn the jar upside down.

Food-filled jar with a candy cane and Christmas decor
Used glass jars are very versatile items that can be used for a variety of
reasons, including for making some unique and interesting Christmas gifts.

4. Mountain in a jar

Use a mound of clay and tiny plastic figurines to make a jar terrarium. Mold your clay into a mountain and glue it to the underside of the lid. The lid will be the base. Brush the clay with glue, cover it with glitter to make the snow sparkle, and let it dry. Brush the figurines with glue and put them on top of the clay mountain. Invert the jar and screw the lid. Figurines for this craft (penguins, skiers, polar bears) can be found at hobby shops, but first ask your kids if they have some they don’t need.

5. Candle in a jar

Cut a piece of tape in the shape of a circle, heart, or Christmas tree, or use a sticker if you can find it in a shape that you like. Paste the tape/sticker on a plain mason jar. Use silver or gold spray paint to cover the outside of the jar. After the paint has dried, remove the tape. Put a pine-scented candle inside and light it. Do not put the lid back on while the candle is burning.

Handcrafted candle ornament with wooden sticks
It takes some creativity and a little bit of imagination to use ordinary items
and natural materials to make some amazing and unique Christmas crafts.

6. Light bulb ornaments

Use burnt out light bulbs to make beautiful yet simple Christmas crafts. Cover a bulb with PVA glue. Before the glue dries, cover the whole bulb in glitter. Then, spray the bulb with hairspray. Wrap a thread around the top of the bulb and hang your ornament once it’s completely dry.

Don’t throw away burnt out bulbs. All you need is glue, glitter, and hair spray to turn a bulb into a cool ornament.

7. Cookie cutter ornaments

This craft is very simple, so feel free to involve your kids. Cookie cutters come in various shapes, such as Christmas trees, stars, flowers, hearts, etc. When you are done making cookies, wash them and use them to make fun and simple Christmas crafts. It takes less time to finish these crafts than to bake cookies, so why not repurpose all of your cookie cutters?

Pinecones and cookie cutters used for cute and simple Christmas crafts.
Use your cookie cutters, add some colour and pine cones,
to create an imaginative Christmas displays or ornaments at your home.

Aluminum cutters are more Christmassy but plastic ones work, too. Choose colorful patterned paper and trace the cutter on top of it. Then, cut the paper in the shape of the cutter. Apply craft glue along the cutter’s edge, press the paper in place, and let it dry. Thread a narrow ribbon through a needle and make a hole between the paper and the cutter. Wrap the ribbon around top of the cutter, knot, and your ornament is ready. To make these ornaments more personal and sentimental, use photos instead of patterned paper.

8. Pinecone Christmas trees

Go to the nearest park and find some pinecones. Remove dirt and debris from the pinecones and paint them using green craft paint and a paintbrush. Go to that place where you store your tools for some time and find your glue gun. Brush some glue onto the tip of each ’’leaf’’ to add tiny embellishments, such as pom-poms and glitter. You can display your pinecones separately or create a garland or wreath of decorated pinecones.

Homemade cookies with pine cones, pine branches and a red apple.
Christmas cookies are usually colourful and done in different shapes, which
can be combined to quickly make some good Christmas themed displays.

9. Tinsel Christmas trees

A tinsel tree makes a stunning DIY table centerpiece. Use a piece of construction paper to make a cone and staple it. Then, choose tinsel in a color you like and glue it to the paper cone. Starting from the bottom of the cone, wrap the tinsel around the cone in circles until you get to the top. Make sure the whole cone is covered and there are no gaps. Cut the remaining tinsel with scissors. After the glue dries, you can decorate your tinsel tree by adding ribbons or attaching small ornaments with pins.

Martha Pearce is a part-time blogger and a full-time art teacher. She enjoys doing crafts with her family and proudly shows her work at local craft fairs. She also expresses her creativity through sewing and painting.

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