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New Year’s Eve Style Inspiration:
Pom-Pom Decorations

Celebrating Christmas with pom-pom ornaments

For Christmas, we decorate the Christmas tree, the front door and even the windows to welcome the Christmas spirit. We must not skip even the smallest of details. If you want to be creative and original, try some fresh and elegant room decorations that will delight your friends and family.

A collage of pom-pom decorations
By combining colours and shapes, you can create a variety of pom-pom
decorations for any occasion, like Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

Forget the traditional Christmas colors – red and green. The perfect alternative to these colors are gold and silver combined with snowy white. All ornaments and accents can be magically illuminated by rows of candles on the festive table to make it appear sleek and shiny. The golden elements give style and luxury to your Christmas decor.

Pom-Pom Craze

If you hang a bit on the Internet, looking for ideas for apartment or party decor, you have probably not been able to escape the famous pom-poms. The best thing about them is that you can make them yourself. After choosing the desired size, you can suspend them, make a garland or use them the way you want. Besides tissue paper, you can also use crepe paper or tulle, but the result will not be quite the same.

Creating pom-pom ornaments
An illustration of how do-it-yourself pom-pom decoration
can be created in four simple steps using tissue paper.

DIY Pom-Pom Ornaments

Firstly, fold the tissue paper in the several superposed and wound leaves. Just remember to place everything on a flat surface. After that, one must bend the paper like the accordion and pull the paper a bit to stretch it. Once you have located the middle, you can cut the edges to make sure that the wire will not slip.

An optional step that allows you to customize the pom-pom is to cut the edges. You can round them, but you can also cut them into wedges or another shape. Take one side of the accordion and spread it a bit, then separate the tissue paper layers to form half of the tassel. Do the same on the other side and your festive pom-pom is ready!

Christmas tree pom-pom decorations
If you want to stay with the more traditional Christmas colours
you can create pom-pom ornaments for your Christmas tree,
wall decor and even add to your Christmas presents.

Perfect For a Holiday Spirit

Pom-pom elements can be a part of the arrangement on the table but also ornaments for the Christmas tree or hanging from the ceiling for a special effect. In combination with white they create the popular vintage effect. This decoration remains until the New Year and is an unavoidable component of the New Year images as an irreplaceable memory of the unforgettable night.

Good for Different Occasions

Pom-poms can also serve as a decoration at a birthday party, or for a wedding, a baptism, a baby shower or any party you are holding. For example, the pom-pom tissue paper is smartest and most appropriate for a wedding. It is elegant, light as air and fluid-like! While gold, silver and white colors would make everything look luxurious, you can always choose other colors for different occasions.

Colourful pom-pom ornaments
With their richness of colours and shapes, pom-poms are great for many
different occasions, such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings and parties.

The advantage of pom-pom garlands is that they come in countless shades and sizes. With this, all the assemblies are possible and your room decor will fit perfectly in any color scheme. For a vintage touch, choose them in neutral tones and for a fresh and colorful feel, dare to make the rainbow sky. For even more contrast, place them in front of a brick wall and a wooden door. Combined with Christmas lights, paper pom-poms will truly make any space joyful and merry.

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