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10 Tools You’ll Need as a Craft Maker

Indulge your creative side with arts and crafts

Whether your craft making is a hobby or a money-making venture,
good craft making tools are necessary for its success.
 (Image from Flickr)

10 Craft Maker Tools

Arts and crafts can be a really cheap and easy way to indulge your creative side. Whether your career has stopped you from being creative in your free time or you’ve just neglected it, crafts is a great way to make and design things on a budget. Some people even sell the things they make and bring in some money from their hobby.

So, if you’re getting back into arts and crafts here are 10 tools you’ll need.

1. Fabric and Fabric Paints

Whether you’re making finger puppets or a new pencil case, fabric is essential. It’s one of the craft maker’s most necessary tools. Don’t forget that if you want to spruce up your fabric with some paint, you’ll need fabric paint otherwise it won’t look very good!

2. Sharp Scissors

Don’t settle for that second rate, decade old, blunted pair of scissors. If you want to take craft-making seriously, you need a proper pair of sharp scissors that will allow you cut through almost any craft material.

3. Artist’s Tape

Artist’s tape is the best tape to use for crafts because it allows you to draw and paint over the top of it, and it can be removed easily without causing damage to the paper. It is a little less sticky than other kinds of tape but don’t let that put you off. Keep in mind, some jobs will require double sided sticky tape too.

4. Craft Knife

Craft knives are ideal for cutting out shapes from felt, foam or card. They can also be used to score lines on your work when necessary. These shouldn’t be used by children, and even adults should be very careful!

One of the essential craft-making tools is a sharp craft knife,
used for cutting different shapes from a variety of materials.
 (Image from Flickr)

5. A Cutting Mat

Another thing you’ll need when you’re using that new craft knife is a cutting mat. Don’t be tempted to just lean on a book or the table. The damage you’ll cause isn’t worth it! If you use a cutting mat, you don’t need to worry about leaving marks on tables and furniture.

6. Guillotine

When you have big paper cutting jobs to do, scissors can be too time-consuming. A guillotine allows you to quickly and easily cut through card and paper with no fuss and no mess. It also provides you with a clean, consistent edge that you don’t always get with scissors.

7. Glue

Without glue, you’re not going to be able to hold together all your various parts and components. You can use simple craft glue or a stick of glue. But if you need a stronger hold you’ll need to invest in a high-quality glue gun.

8. Paint

You’re going to want to bring those crafts to life with a bit of colour so don’t forget the paint and paintbrushes. Acrylic is probably the best, but you can use whatever kind you see fit. You could even do some hand prints with the kids.

Painting red heart with brush
Most of the arts and crafts you'll be making will require some finishing
touches, such as painting to bring them to life.
  (Image from Flickr)

9. Bench Vice

For as little as L20, you can get a decent bench vice. They can be useful if you’re making model cars or trains. If you need to hold something firmly in place while you work, a bench vice is essential.

10. Pliers

There are different kinds of pliers so be aware of this when you’re buying. Pliers are important for anyone making craft jewelry or anything similar. If you’re just making card and paper-based crafts though, they may not be needed.

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