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DIY Summer Crafts
to Make with Your Kid

Try these 4 ideas for do-it-yourself summer crafts for kids

(Summer is usually a kid’s favourite time because the school is closed and there is a lot of free time. But they do get bored pretty easily so as a mother you will have to make sure your kid is engaged in something creative and fun. Making crafts at home is the best way to spend this free time.)

Kids enjoy summer the most because of their summer vacation. It is the best time for mothers and kids to bond as a family. You can use this time to infuse some creativity in your kid. You can get your whole family to sit together and engage in cool summer crafts. These summer craft ideas are definitely a mom must haves.

With your kids away from school, it is important to keep them engaged in creative and crafty activities. It is significant for their education in general. Usually, kids get bored at home but if you try and infuse some creativity in their lives, surely they will enjoy it and have fun. It is significant to bond together as a whole family. And what better way than to engage in summer crafts.

A boy playing with colours and material shapes
Just as adults, kids too should engage in creativity and crafts to occupy
themselves and function better in these days of staying homebound.

So let’s get to know about some summer crafts for tweens and much more!

1. Bubble Wrap Bee Craft

Bubble wraps are fun and you can make it more fun by using it to make a fun summer craft for 10 year olds. With very few items you can make this summer craft.

The things you will need to make this summer craft are Beehive picture, bubble wrap, a paintbrush, yellow colour paint, black marker, chart paper, scissors, and glue.

First, you need to paint the bubbly side of the bubble wrap with yellow paint. Then paste it on the white chart paper with glue and cut it in the shape of a beehive. Look for a beehive template and cut it in that shape. Let it dry. Then paste the beehive you made on a fresh white chart paper. Make some bees on the sides of the beehive with your little one’s thumb. Then to add detail to the craft mark the borders with a black marker.

Feel free to add more creativity.

A child crafting an arched rainbow
Children are fond of playing with colourful materials, which is ideal for
do-it-yourself summer crafts, to engage into with your kids at home.

2. Duct Tape Coin Purse

Making cool summer crafts with your little one and selling them at birthday parties is definitely a cool business idea for a mother and child. The summer crafts to sell are definitely a small business venture for your kid to enjoy and have some fun. Here is one.

All you need are duct tape, wax papers, Velcro dots, and scissors.

Cut the wax paper into rectangles. Put duct tape on both the sides of the wax paper. Create a pouch by folding the wax paper covered in tape. The other half of the tape out of the fold cut it to make a triangle with the scissors. Then put one round Velcro adhesive, one on the triangle and the other on the rectangle. You should be able to close the pouch. Voila! You’re done! It is great summer craft ideas for adults, too, and a mom must haves.

3. Streamer Rainbow

To make your day brighter you can make a rainbow with steamers. It is one of the great summer camp craft ideas for preschoolers.

All you need are paper plates, cotton balls, scissors, colored tissue paper, glue.

First, you need to cut the colored tissue papers in stripes. Then cut the paper plates in halve. Then attack the stripes in vertical order in a stream. Then glue the cotton balls on one side of the half-cut paper plate. This will be the cloud. And the stream of colored tissue paper stripes will be the rainbow to brighten up the day!

Water colours with small brushes
Water based colours are just about an essential equipment to use
when playing DIY summer crafts with your kids.

4. Paper Plate Sun Craft

This craft is a summer crafts for kids+free printable. It is extremely easy and fun for your little one during the summer.

All you need are paper plates, orange, yellow, black chart papers, yellow and black paint, foam paintbrush, glue and a sun template printed out.

You need to first print the template of the sun. Then cut out the parts of the sun from the chart papers of various colours. Cut out a sunglass for the sun if it is present in the template. Then paint the round side of the paper plate with yellow colour. Then paste the parts of the sun in a way to make it look like a sun with glue. Put on the sunglass with glue. Make a smile on the sun with black paint. You’re done! It can be great summer crafts for toddlers age 2 as well.

You can do these cool summer crafts with your child to have quality family time. Hope you enjoy these with your little ones. Hope this makes your child happy and entertained. Happy crafting!

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Hi, I am Eliz! I am a mother, writing for the living and pleasure at Top-mom.com. I am a frequent traveler with 2 kids. My check-in list counts more than 13 countries, and it is only just beginning. Previously, it was quite difficult for me to handle the kids with varying weather conditions that they were prone to while traveling. Now, I know the appropriate gear for both mother and baby that comforts them the most.

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