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6 tips for making your homemade wedding invitations

So, you have set a date for your wedding, chosen the venue and begun the planning; the next step is to get your wedding invitations made.

When it comes to your wedding invitations, you may want to employ a professional company to make them for you. But, if money is tight or you have an eye for creativity, then you might want to think about making your wedding invitations yourself.

A wedding invitation
If you are looking to save on your wedding expenses, you can create
your own home made wedding invitations.
(Image: Wikipedia Commons)

For our guide to making homemade wedding invitations, have a read of this.

1. Think about how you picture your wedding

Consider the style of wedding you are going for a the wedding theme, if there is one. It is important to think about the theme and style of your wedding when creating your wedding invitations. Your wedding invites should set the tone of the wedding and give your guests a first look at what they can expect.

Your wedding invitations need to represent you and your partner and the vision you have for your wedding day.

2. What is your budget?

Even though making your wedding invitations yourself should work out cheaper than ordering them, it is important to set a budget. Think about how much can you afford to spend on your invitations and then use that figure for your budget.

Once you have set your budget, start thinking about the equipment you need to buy to make your invitations. Consider whether you are creating your invitations on the computer and printing them out, or whether you are making them by hand - this will depend on the time you have.

3. Stock up

Once you have decided on the type of wedding invitations you are going to make, stock up on everything you will need. The essentials are card, double sided tape, a good-quality printer, paper trimmer, and envelopes, among other things.

4. How do you want the invitations to look?

Do you want flat invitations or folded ones? Do you want square invitations or rectangular shaped ones? Or, do you want a unique shape or design for your invites? It is important to think about what you want your wedding invitations to look like, so that you know where to start.

When choosing the types of invitations you want, remember that square invites will cost more to send. As will invitations with RSVP cards inside them.

Home made invitation
With a little bit of creativity invitations can be made to look great and unique.
(Image by Pixabay.com)

5. Think about the design

Before creating your invitations, think about the design you want to use. Do you want an elaborate design, a unique design, a fun look, or a simple layout?

Once you have chosen the colour of the card, think about things like the text font and size and any embellishments you want to add on to the invites. For instance, to create ruffles you can use pretty fabric or to add detail to the invites you could use a patterned paper punch.

6. Get the wording right

One of the most difficult parts of making your own wedding invitations is getting the wording right.

Remember, the wording should inform your guests about all the wedding details, such as when it is taking place and where. Make sure to pick a font that is easy to read and make sure to spell check everything.

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