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All Good Parties
Need a Creative Invitation

How to create original and thought-provoking wedding invitations

Groom's feet facing bride in white dress, seen from above
Before you do a "million" other things for your wedding party,
you need to come up with a creative wedding invitation
to reflect your styles and personalities.

Planning a wedding party is actually harder than you might even think, but grabbing your guests’ attention may be even more demanding. Wedding invitation depicts the bride and groom’s personality and their creativity. What is more, it is an introduction to what may be expected to happen during the wedding party. So, be sure to provide a thought-provoking and original invitation that will make all the invited visit your wedding party.

Be careful about making a concept of your invitation because it will show more than you think, it will reflect the kind of relationship you and your partner have. Be sure to reach an agreement on the style and format. Include the partner in the decision making process and let him or her express their creativity too. Everything needs to show the impression of you two, the romance among you and the tolerance spreading all over.

Examples of creative party invitations

One of the easiest ways to create a good party invitation is to go to a
who will be able to convert your wishes into stunning invitations.

Get a Professional Invitation

If you are too worried about the possible outcome of creating your own invitation, think about those done by experts who will hear your most demanding wishes and make your dreams come true. Opt for wedding invitations which will make everyone excited to visit your party, as the creative invitation will be hard to turn down.

Think About Unusual Shapes

Do not opt for ordinary things, get inspired by unique ideas. Ditch the common ideas, and choose a message in a bottle. A jar would be perfect for showing your creativity. Choose some of the shapes apart from heart because you do not want your invitation to look cliché. Rather opt for shapes that will resemble the location you are throwing a party.

Unusually shaped examples of party invitations
Get creative with your invitation to resemble something that's personal
and highly relevant to your party, or what it stands for.

If you met at a farm and are hosting a party to resemble the location, why not put some hay in the gate-shaped invitation? If you met in Paris, make an Eiffel tower shaped invitation that will make everyone smile. Appreciate your love by showing little signs of your affection.

Package is Important

Forget about basic envelopes, spice a bit your invitation game up! Why not think about pop-open cans? Every guest can be informed to bring their own cans and then put it behind the newlyweds’ car.

Go a Bit Retro

Not everyone needs to be super modern, a bit of a retro vibe can be perfect when it comes to wedding invitations. Create an invitation that will resemble old 70s postcards and you will create the romantic atmosphere and people will love your retro look. What is more, you can match it with the wedding party theme.

Samples of retro style invitations
Good retro styles are always in fashion, especially when they make sense
to you and your party's theme and atmopshere.

Inform the Guests About Your Love History

You can create a timeline with your key love moments, from the moment you met, the highlights of your romance and everything. There are a lot of creative ideas online and you can just pick a theme that suits your and your partner’s needs.

Unusual Objects

If you seek a bit more fun, send your guests a balloon which when blow up reveals the date and time of your wedding. Choose, of course, a red one to reflect your love!

Invitations in the form of baloons and other objects
Get really imaginative and incorporate unusual objects into your invitation,
bearing in mind symbolism aspects. Baloons are often popular.

When choosing a wedding invitation, it is important to take care of your wishes as well as your partner’s. Think carefully about the style and size, do not let your invitations be the same as everyone else’s. They will tell your guests a lot about your style, relationship with the partner, mutual understanding and how creative you are. Spice up the invitations and make everyone come to the party and have a blast!

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion and beauty blogger. She is very passionate about photography, graphic design and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Find her on:  Facebook  Twitter  Google +

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