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Making Drawing
an Integral Part of Your Life

Learn to draw with simple exercises

If learning to draw has been your dream for a while now, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to be Picasso to make drawing a part of your life. As is the case with most arts, drawing relies partly on talent and by-and-large on practise and hard work.

Regardless of whether you’re aiming at becoming an artist, or simply trying to express your uniqueness and your observations of the world around you, this guide will help you.

Man drawing with a smile on his face
Learn to express your own impressions and observations of the world
around you, by learning to draw.

Start Simple

Child's facial expression drawn on a board
Children faces can be very expressive, making them interesting drawing subjects.

In the world of drawing, starting simple means drawing what you see. Simple objects, even if they are uninspiring are an easy way to not only practise drawing, but also motivate yourself by marvelling at what you’ve drawn.

These things include fruit baskets, wall clocks, mountain ranges, houses. In the very beginning, start replicating these with a pencil only, in this way you’ll get to practise simple objects, which are crucial in taking things to a new level.

Drawing different versions of a same thing is a good idea, not only because it inspires creativity, but also because it teaches you about adding compatible stuff to the old image or idea.

Take a good, hard look at each of your drawings – you’ll soon begin to see what parts seem unreal or are sticking out.

Do it as Often as Possible

Any successful artist, regardless of their niche will tell you one thing – talent is nothing without hard work. Doubtlessly, many great artists have been blessed with talent, but do you think Jimi Hendrix would’ve been able to hit a single note, if he hadn’t spent hours each day, glued to his guitar. The same goes for drawing – don’t draw often enough, you’ll get out of shape and stagnate, do it as often as you possibly can, and you’ll reap some form of success. Don’t even think about talent – if you love it and it fulfils you, do it, talent becomes irrelevant at a certain point, if you’ve practised hard enough.

Drawing a child's face from a photo
'Practice makes it perfect' - drawing different versions of the same thing
will lead to improvement in your drawing ability.

Unlike other art forms, drawing is quite convenient wherever you might find yourself – you can doodle on the back of your notebook, or even on a classroom desk (we absolutely did not advise this). Although this might not seem much, every bit of practise counts, so in order to always remain prepared, get couple of fineliner pens with blur-proof ink, convenient for everything from general writing to drawing, regardless of whether you find yourself at home, at the office or at school.

Drawing Iron Man in colour
Talented artists can make a fortune with their ability to draw,
as popular comics can attest to it.

What About the Painter’s Block?

We’ve all heard about the infamous writer’s block, but it is, in fact, true that almost every artist suffers from a block at a certain point in their lives.

In our early days, as children, we are inspired to create and the easiest and most comprehensive way is by picking up a pencil and pouring your imagination out on a piece of paper.

As we grow older, though, life gets in the way of our creative side – school, work and other problems ensue and we tend to drop the pen for things we consider more important.

A street artist at work, drawing a man's face
Drawing people in public is a great way to practice your new skill
and possibly earn a few dollars, too.

Unfortunately, getting back on track with painting is not going to be easy – you’ll need to dedicate some time and the fact that drawing isn’t exactly like riding a bicycle doesn’t help either. However, your willpower must prevail – you must believe in yourself! Re-start your creative days slowly and easy and work your way back to the track gradually – trivial things in life will pale in significance and drawing will yet again assume control over your free time – even beyond that.

Drawing Robert Downey, Jr. face
As you drawing skill improves, your drawings can become truly realistic
and even more expressive than the original images.

We recommend that you start drawing easy – just take a pencil into your hand and start drawing what you see. If your imagination starts pulling you to the side, satiate your thirst for art by drawing that which is in your mind and get back to drawing simple stuff – this is not only good for practise, but also for providing you with new material for your source of ideas.

All above images courtesy of Creative Commons

Diana Smith

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys freelance writing on many subjects, including crafts and hobby ideas.

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