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Bonding activities to do with your roommate

Take steps to bond with your roommate and turn your sharing of home into pleasant, family-like surrounds.

Two roommates bonding while eating pizza and drinking wine
Having a roommate can be more than having someone to share your room
with - take steps to bond with your roommate and you might even be friends.

Sharing a home with someone has many benefits, from splitting the bill when it comes to paying the rent and utilities to feeling safer at home. Furthermore, for those who don’t like living alone, having a roommate means they have someone to talk to even when they are not outside or at work.

However, it’s not only about talking about your day in the evening. There’s so much more you can do together. It takes some creativity and time to figure out what both of you like, though. But you can start from our guide to the bonding activities to do with your roommate until you find out what works for you. Here are some things to try out and give you two a chance to get to know each other and even  make friends.

Exploring the new neighborhood

Even before you unpack, you can go out and explore your new neighborhood. It can be a visit to the local coffee shop or a restaurant - whatever it is, do it together in the days to come. Scroll through social media using hashtags related to your new location, or explore the maps. Pick a place that you might enjoy together, or take a stroll around your new neighborhood. Starting fresh in a new environment is not always easy, but it’s undoubtedly better if you’ve got company!

Before you start bonding

You should remember that it’s not always possible for your roommate to be your best friend. Even though you can become pretty close, you shouldn’t forget about the main thing you have in common – the apartment. Whether you’re in college or just moved to a new place for a job, there should be clear rules about sharing your living space.

So, before moving in with a roommate, make sure you have a conversation about this first – discuss responsibilities, habits, expectations, etc. This will ensure there are no problems in the future related to maintenance and finances. Then, you can genuinely enjoy fun activities and become best friends!

Two roommates eating pizza in their kitchen and drinking beer
In order for your roomsharing to be an enjoyable and pleasant atmosphere,
get some ground rules agreed upon first, to enjoy each other's company.

Decorating your new apartment and going shopping for the first time

If you both just moved in, one of the things you can do together is go shopping for home décor and other necessities for your new house. After unpacking your boxes, you’ll both need some of the things you couldn’t bring from home.

Whether it’s grocery shopping, home décor items, or cleaning supplies, shopping can be one of the bonding activities to do with your roommate. It’s easy to start a conversation about products, styles, or habits, and getting to know each other this way won’t be awkward. Finally, this activity is undoubtedly cost-effective, as you can split the bill for items you both need in the new home.

DIY projects can be fun

If your new home needs some touch-ups, you can do it together as a DIY project. Painting walls, putting up wallpaper, transforming an old bookshelf – there’s so much you could do. Do this together and let this project help you bond and learn more about each other’s interests.

Coffee lovers get together

If you both enjoy a good cup of coffee, maybe doing something more about it can help you bond. If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can create a coffee station you can both use and enjoy. Invest in a good coffee maker, select your favorite beans, purchase some unique cups and other necessities. Creating this nook together can provide you with a perfect place to start your day in the morning before you both go separate ways into your day.

Have a party

Meeting each other’s friends is surely one of the best bonding activities to do with your roommate. To avoid feeling shy among new people, invite both of your friend groups and make a party. You can also have a game night, order some pizzas and introduce each other to friends. This will ensure you’re both relaxed as you’re among people you know and feel comfortable around.

Go to the gym together

If you’re both into sports, you can go to a local gym together. And if you’re not, this may be something you can start doing together. As roommates, you can motivate each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle, good diet, and regular exercise. If you’ve waited to start exercising for so long, maybe now is the perfect moment to begin – together with your new roommate.

Two roommates exercising
Every activity that you do in the course of your normal life can be an
opportunity to bond with your roommate - make the most of it.

A cleaning session

Even though it’s a seemingly tedious chore, cleaning can put you in a better mood. It can be one of the best bonding activities to do with your roommate. Put some good music on, and start making your new home sparkly clean! Cleaning counts as physical activity, too; it reduces stress and can also help you bond with your roommate.

Make important decisions together

One of the best ways to bond with someone is to decide something meaningful together. So, if you don’t like your current home, you can talk to your roommate and maybe move together to a better one. Experts from excalibur-movers.com advise planning every detail of this process for a lower risk of problems and stress. Naturally, this will be easier and simpler to do with your roommate. Make decisions together, plan the move and pack up your home – even though it will be hectic, this process will bring you closer!

Two people packing for a move
Life often turns out different to what we planned or imagined. If you happen
to be moving out again, it's easier to do it with someone you learned to trust.

Don’t force it

Making friends with someone is a process you cannot rush. Take your time, suggest things you can do together – show interest and initiative. Some people need more time to trust others, so go through these bonding activities slowly, without forcing it, and you will likely develop a firm bond with your roommate!

Photos used: by Pexels

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