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Guide to Designing a Perfect Game Room in Your Home

How to design an experience game room at home

A rustic billiard salon
New games require a new approach to designing your game room at home,
or using an existing game room and updating it.

Games are an essential part of life. They keep the mind young and provide a healthy excuse to bond with others. And, of course – fun. Hours and hours of fun. But, at a certain point, real-life starts to take over. Jobs drain us of energy, and chores clutter our schedule. When that time comes, we slowly begin to ignore the child within. And this is the perfect moment to start designing a perfect game room in your home. Because, although you might not have too much time to play, that excellent experience will make every minute worth it. So, let's see what you can do to elevate your hobbies to a new level.

What game are you playing?

Designing a perfect game room in your home always starts with the selection of space. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the type of games you'll be playing. Different games demand different setups.

Three people playing “A Ticket to Ride”.
If you lack space at home, any spare corner might do, as some of games
don't require much room, making it more informal and fun.

For example, maybe you dream of a billiard room. In that case, you need a lot of space for swinging. Otherwise, you risk holes in the walls or windows. On the other hand, maybe you're into miniature wargaming. That means that you'll need a huge table and a lot of storage space for miniatures and supplies.

So, choose a room in your house that will let you play without obstacles and worries. The best options are:

 Empty room – always the best choice. It's already in the house, and all amenities are within reach.

 Attic – this can be a great option, provided that accessibility isn't an issue. A bit of cleaning, and you will have a fantastic spot for gaming.

 Basement – Ah, the classic! Lots of space, and semi-detached from the rest of the house. Just mind the humidity, and you're golden.

 Garage – if you're not using it for cars or tools, you can turn it into a perfect game room. And without too much effort, at that.

Enlist professional help for difficult items

Not all games have the same setup requirements. Wargames or RPGs are relatively easy, as you'll only have to assemble a table, and you're good to go. However, some games are challenging to set up correctly. The pinball machine and billiard table should be handled by experts to make sure nothing gets damaged. They seem sturdy at a glance, but they are incredibly fragile and easy to break during transport or moving around. So, if you're passionate about these games, be sure to enlist professional help. It will save you a lot of time and nerves.

A theme makes the experience memorable

Sure, it's easy to stick a foosball table in the middle of the room and call it a day. Still, when you start playing, you will find the whole experience lacking. What is missing is a suitable theme. The gaming room is not only a place to pass the time. It's a reflection of your inner self or a memorable moment from your life. And the theme is what will make the experience truly enjoyable.

Here are some ideas:

Escape to a pub – in your own home

“Pubs are the only establishments in the world where you can enter not knowing anyone, and come out with three best men and a godfather.” – unknown, but a brilliant author.

It won't take a lot of time or resources to make a small personal pub. A small bar, a few bar chairs, and a fridge are all you need. For maximum enjoyment, add some dim lighting and some easy jazz or blues – et voila! Atmosphere guaranteed!

Pac-Man and Frogger arcade machines.
Game arcades used to be all the rage in the 90s, but now they're back!
With new games and new technology, they're better than ever.

A blast from the past

Playing video games in a retro-arcade room will bring you right back to your childhood. Neon lights combined with black lights will add to the overall feel of the place. Blast some retro-electro or synthwave on your speakers for an authentic 80's feel. Of course, a popcorn machine is a must!

To slay the dragon!

Fantasy role play games are all about imagination and immersion. A suitable gaming environment will boost both, and a basement is an ideal place for this. You can make it look like a real castle dungeon, with torches (electric ones!) and a paper-mache dragon head on the wall. Add a few hanging flags/tabards for good measure, or wallpaper prints of great outdoors, fantasy coastline, or elven city. All of these will make sure that all players are in the mood from the moment they step in. The best thing is that your dungeon can also be an amazing hobby room. After all, imagination, arts, and crafts all go hand-in-hand.

Video games room – the perfect showcase of all the bases

Over the past few decades, video games have become real works of art. Worlds you can immerse yourself into are becoming more realistic. Characters more real and relatable. To experience video games to the fullest, you will need to make a setup that will expand and elevate the adventure.

A big bonus: Your video game room doubles perfectly as a media center. With a few additions (i.e., a few more chairs), you will have a proper mini theatre in your house.

Room layout as a starting point

First, determine where you'll place a monitor/TV. It will be the centerpiece of your gaming room. A focal point, if you will, where all lines of sight and sound will converge. It is always a good idea to have a dedicated shelf that will provide easy access to consoles, as well as act as a storage place for DVDs.

Happy couple playing video games.

Even if you don't have much space at home, there's always the living room,
which can serve as 'sometime game room', where the main ingredient is fun.

However, if you lack storage space, you'll have to think of other options. To this end, sites like highqualitymovingcompany.com can be true lifesavers. There you can find a variety of useful guides on proper packing and ideas on how to store your precious items safely.

Comfort is a must

A gaming room will be a place where you'll spend hours. Therefore, it has to be comfortable in every way.

If PC gaming is your passion, consider investing in a good gaming chair. These have an ergonomic design that provides good lumbar support, essential for your well-being.

PC gaming is mostly a solo thing. However, consoles are almost always party-oriented. So, everyone will need a comfy place to sit. A quality sofa is always a popular choice, but, as it can be pricey, you can opt for budget options. Lazy-bags are comfy, inexpensive, and easy to move around. They are awesome if you like VR or AR games, such as Wii Sports on Nintendo Wii or Dance Central on X-Box Kinect. You know, those that require a lot of jumping, swinging, and kicking.

Cable management is a nightmare – but it’s unavoidable

Consoles, monitors, TVs, PCs – all of them come with many cables. Tangled cables scattered all-around break the immersion and the look of the room. They are also a potential health hazard. So, cable management is an essential part of designing a perfect game room in your house.

There are many ways you can keep the cables out of the way. The most popular ones are nailing them to the wall or the very edges of the room. Do note that cables that come with electronics are usually relatively short by default. In most cases, you'll either need to use an extension cord or do some construction work to move the outlet to a more convenient place.

A desktop speaker with magenta background lighting.
For a total immersion, a good sound system is a must, to elevate your
gaming experience. Get some basics right, and you're on!

Sound is half the experience

To immerse yourself in the digital world, you will need a good sound system. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant in the beginning. For starters, a basic 5.1 surround will be more than enough. Setting it up is quite easy, but you need to keep certain rules in mind:

  • Four small speakers (a.k.a. “Satellites”) should go in four corners of the room. They need to point at a place where you’ll be sitting for best effect. 
  • Central speaker (a.k.a. “Monitor”) should be directly in front of you, at the head height, or slightly above. 
  • Subwoofer (a.k.a. “The Big One”) has the best effect if placed on the ground, directly in front or behind you. 

Be mindful that, to set them up, you'll once again have to deal with lots of cables. But once you're done, you'll not only play your games. You will live them.

A gaming room is an investment you’ll never regret

No matter how much they try to deny it, the gaming room is a dream of every adult. It provides a necessary escape from the tribulations of the real world and a safe and cozy place to hang out with friends and family. But most importantly, it keeps that spark of childhood alive. And that's something every one of us needs in these hectic times. So, don't think that designing a perfect game room in your home is a missed investment. Quite the contrary – it's one of the best things you can do for your mental health.

Photos used: by Pexels and Unsplash

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