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What Do You Know About
Custom Built Caravans?

Choosing internal features and the exterior for your caravan

Custom built caravans are provided by various companies. These tailor made caravans are constructed as per the preferences, needs and budgets of the customers. There are different kinds of customization done, be it budget caravans or luxury caravans. It's all done to improve your driving experience.

The custom made ones include on an average 5 person capacity models and the options which allow for off-road caravanning. They offer galvanized flooring as well as control rider suspension. There have 15” and 16” alloy wheels provided as well as checker plates. Customers can choose if they want gas bayonets fitted, reverse cycle air conditioners, a barbecue, even a solar powered system.

Two men and two women by a caravan, one with a guitar
Today's caravanning can be a fun way to explore different places, for which
a customized caravan is best suited, allowing you to choose features you like.

Customizing your caravan

The interiors can have posturepedic mattresses or innerspring ones. There is leather upholstery which can be chosen. One can even choose to have a front loader washing machine installed or a TV which has a swivel arm which can be adjusted. They can choose as to the kind of refrigerator which they would like in the caravan and are offered multiple options even for cooking food.

Internal features

When it comes to customizing your caravan, the usual internal features that lend themselves well to customization are:

  • The size of the bed (twin beds or a queen bed) 
  • The kind and type of freezer and fridge 
  • The type of air conditioner to be installed 
  • A tri-folding table 
  • Seating cafĂ© style which has foot rests 
  • Leather upholstery 
  • A cook top of either electric or gas kind 
  • Rolled or bench tops which are square edged 
  • European blinds or whichever kinds of blinds are preferred 
  • Drawer runners which have ball bearing slides 
  • Various design options for the interiors 

Exterior features

To customize your caravan for exterior features, here are some suggestions for the vehicle exterior:

  • Gas as well as electric hot water 
  • LED lights and External speakers 
  • Water tanks and TV antenna 
  • Cladding of high ridge kind 
  • Awning which can be rolled out 
  • Solar regulator and fuses as well as the charger 
  • Picnic tables and Tunnel boots 
  • Fuse box hatches and the battery as well 
  • Water tap which is on the draw bar 
  • Mesh on the draw bar 
  • Reverse camera and Electric stability control 
  • All terrain tyres 
  • Gel battery which is mounted on the chassis 

There are also air bag suspension systems which allows for easy access for those people on mobility scooters as well as wheelchairs. These have a ramp rather than stairs so that there is no need for a lift but the person can easily access the caravan.

Allvan Caravan vehicle with two gas bottles
Whether you choose to go on journeys or holidays in your caravan,
it's best to choose your requirements and maximize the vehicle's versatility.

Choose your requirements

Some caravans have have rugged chassis made of steel, so that there is rigidity and removes the accordion bellows effect which is seen in rough terrain. There are those that have fixed roofs which allow to permanently mount roof antennas. The wardrobes are taller and the windows of these caravans can be made larger, with more cupboards or over head lockers as per the requirements of the customers.

The cross country caravans which are custom built allow for better versatility when deep ditches need to be crossed or creeks need to be crossed. This has a better departure angle and so the likelihood that the lower part of the van will hit the ground when in troughs is reduced. These also allow the customers to choose the kind of body, suspension style as well as the wheels they need.

These are just some of the kinds of customization that can be undertaken. Most companies are open to accommodating newer technologies and amenities of caravans that you need provided there are no technical or legal issues preventing their installation.

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