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5 Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Workout

How to turn hobbies into workout exercises

While heading to the gym, going for a run or taking up a workout class are all the best ways to lose weight or improve your fitness, but it’s not something everyone fancies. January always gets people into the gym, but soon after, some just aren’t into working out and will slowly leave it behind. So how can you workout without having to workout?

Here’s a look at 5 hobbies you can take up that will help you burn some calories.


Two girls hiking in a countryside
One of the most informal activities is hiking, especially when you find good hiking
partners, to explore your surroundings, enjoy the sights, all the while burning calories.

One of the most obvious hobbies that helps you to get fitter. You can start off small and go for some picturesque hikes that are fairly flat, and you can map out routes that suit your time or energy. Naturally, you can up the ante when you want a bigger challenge and find some high hills or mountains to hike up or around. You’ll also find that half the fun comes from buying and wearing hiking gear too, as outerwear has become popular in recent years, you’ll likely find some garments that suit your style and it’ll get you craving to get outdoors a lot more.


A man golfer on a green pitch
It's a great way to combine an activity with sport, with a touch of competitiveness,
depending on whether you play it to pass time, or meet people and beat them at golf.

The perception of golf isn’t exactly a workout, but rather a lot of standing around followed by the occasional big swing. However, take away the golf cart and most golf courses involve a lot of walking in the sun. So, if you’re looking for a low maintenance workout with a competitive edge, get some golf lessons in. It’s also ideal if you’re looking for a long term hobby, you’ll find that most people who take it up can play for 20 or 30 years trying to perfect their swing.


A girl doing yoga by the sea
Yoga is a great for relieving stress and taking time for yourself, which can be
practised just about anywhere you find a good spot.

Yoga isn’t just for women anymore, more and more men are practising yoga and for good reason. The breathing and positions involved with yoga help the body to tone and lose weight. But you’ll also find that many people take yoga up as a hobby to help relieve stress and because you can essentially do it whenever it suits your schedule. Simply get some fitness clothing and a yoga mat, you find some easy yoga positions to start off with.


A woman and a man riding bicycles on a cycling path
These days you can find many bike-friendly areas in many cities, but you can also
use your bicycle to get around to your daily tasks where appropriate.

Buying a bike gives you plenty of potentials to exercise, everyone knows that. But the options available are very open, your hobby could include travelling to work, shopping or explore some of the bike-friendly areas local to your home. It’s a great form of exercise as its full body, so if you’re looking for a more strenuous hobby then this might be the one for you.


A woman taking a photo of London city, with a man next to her
You might ask yourself where is a workout in photography hobby, but sometime you
have to cover a fair bit of ground before you find the 'right spot' for your photo.

If a hike sounds too strenuous and a walk a little too boring, then the middle ground might be photography for you. Find something you might be interested in snapping on your camera, landscapes, birds or even city living, you’ll find that searching for the right shot will add a lot of steps onto your hobby. You can also choose how serious you take it, while taking pictures on your phone isn’t going to give you the hobby feel, it a simple spet before you commit to buying a camera or DSLR.

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