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If you are looking for some do-it-yourself projects and hobbies, you will find some good tips and suggestions among these articles and guest posts. We haven't forgotten about the kids either, with some suggestions how to create some crafts for the kids.


Make Out of Wood

Things to Make Out of Wood
Woodworking is one of the skills that's being lost out to ages, as technology takes over more and more. The true masters of the craft are fortunately still around. While wood working suffers from an image problem, there are still some amazing things that can be made out of wood. From toys to furniture, wood is an excellent material to master.

Mardi Gras Crafts

Mardi Grass Crafts for Kids
One of the best carnival celebrations that happens around the world is Mardi Gras. Usually celebrated in February, it involves colourful dresses, music, dancing and of course different masks. It's a great way to involve your kids in this festive spirit, by making Mardi Gras masks and crafts.

Gift Wrapping Craft

Gift Wrapping Craft
Making a gift for someone is very fulfilling. It takes effort and care to make something and you look forward to seeing the look on their face when they receive it as a gift. If you also take care in wrapping the gift, you can take it to the next level and turn it into an artform.

Awesome Hobbies

Awesome Hobbies to Wow Your Friends
We all need and usually have a hobby in life. It's something that takes our minds off everyday cares and gives us to do something that we like doing and enjoy it. Choosing the right hobby is all about picking what we love. There are also hobbies that we do for life and wow our friends with it.

Hobbies to Pass Time

Hobbies to Pass the Time
Living in our fast-changing world, where everything has to be done "yesterday", we often start hobbies and quickly give up on them. But if you are of a more patient kind who wants more fun and enjoyment in long-term hobbies, with time to spare on your hands, here are five fun hobby ideas.

Customizing Your Clothes

Customizing Your Clothes
When you want your clothes to look unique, one way to do so is to personalize them. It's also a good way to make your "old" clothes wearable again, giving them a new lease to life. Let your creativity lose and you might have a new hobby on your hands. Follow some basic guidelines and you will transform ordinary clothes into unique items.

Home DIY Projects

Home DIY Projects
As an important part of home improvement, do-it-yourself or DIY projects are necessary, even if they're not always fun. But making crafts can be both fun and enjoyable. If you invoilve your kids, then you're almost guaranteed to make DIY projects joyful activity. Let your children get creative and learn and appreciate new skills.

Outdoor Hobbies

Five Outdoor Hobbies
The grand outdoors provide plenty of opportunities for hobby activities. If a sedate life or relaxing hobbies don't appeal to you, it's time to test your spirit for adventure and explore some awesome outdoor hobbies that will push your limits. This is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors.

DIY Table Centerpieces

DIY Table Centerpieces
One of the key things that make any celebration or party look better are the decorations. It's even a more satisfying if you create your own decorations. This especially applies to table decorations or centerpieces, made from flowers. It requires time and effort to do it right. Follow our guide on how to decorate table centerpieces yourself.

Create Wedding Decorations

Create Wedding Decorations
If you are a hobbing enthusiast, planning your
 wedding, you might be tempeted to organize a DIY wedding. This would include creating your own wedding decorations. It can save your thousands of dollars on what is already an expensive occasion. It is a lot of work, but if you follow some handy tips and enlist some help, you will find it a fun thing to do.

Home Made Invitations

Make Homemade Invitations
When you are organizing your wedding, everything should be just perfect. But as with any exclusive event, you will need a decent size budget for it. This means cutting your expenses where possible. One way to save on your costs is to create your own home made wedding invitations. Our guide gives you 6 tips how to do so.

Using Old Cardboard

Many Uses for Old Cardboard
They are useful, versatile and come in different shapes and sizes. But after they're used, most of old cardboaxes get discarded. Those who favour reusing all things functional instead of throwing them away, know how old cardboard can be used in a variety of cool and creative ways.

Model Aircraft Collection

Start Your Own Model Aircraft Collection
If you are looking to start a new hobby and have a passion for model airplanes, then this could be the way to combine your fascination with a hobby. Anyone with an interest in planes can become a collector. Read our guide to starting your own model aircraft collection.

Craft Maker Tools

Craft Making Tools
If you are considering to start making crafts, be it as a hobby or a way to supplement your income, you will need some essential craft making tools. Making crafts is a great way to indulge your creative side in your spare time.
 Find out what are the 10 craft maker tools that you will need.

Family Beach Vacations

Family Beach Vacations in USA
One of the most practical holidays for a family is a beach vacation. It provides most flexibility and options, a range of indoor and outdoor activities, and can be fun for the whole family. Take a look at our choice of the top five family beach vacation spots in the USA.

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Decoration Ideas Gallery
Around Christmas time the shops are stacked with all things Christmas, including decorations. But if you want to have something different, unique and conversation starter, especially for your small spaces, our compiled gallery of images will give you some good ideas where to start.

Beach Holiday Tips

Beach Holiday Tips
When you think holidays, a beautiful sandy tropical beach is what comes to mind with the majority of people. This is especially so if you are about to take a family or a romantic holiday. But it takes more to have a great holiday than just hopping on a plane. Get some tips here for a great beach holiday, no matter where you go.

Holiday Reduces Stress

Why Holiday Reduces Stress
With all the modern conveniences, technology and more time for ourselves, we still find stress an inescapable part of our daily life. It's time to take a break and get away from it all. There are proven health benefits of having a holiday, to relax, unwind, re-connect with our family and loved ones, and get in touch with our inner self.

Renting Photo Booth in London

When You Need a Photo Booth Hire in London
If you are visiting or live in London, you will find it a great place to hold party events of any kind. And what a better way to add a touch of class and entertainment to your event then hiring a photo booth. It's definitely a great way to make your party memorable to your guests, with this unique entertainment.

Fun Paper Crafts

Fun Paper Crafts

If you're looking for paper craft making ideas, you will find a lot of fun and enjoyment in scrapbooking projects, from family photos to creating family history. To add more fun, consider hand made greeting cards, with your own designs and messages

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