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New articles are being added to Hobbies and Crafts from time to time. You will find the list of the latest added articles at the bottom of the home page. Here we provide the list of the more recently added articles.

Tiny House Hobbies and Fun Activities for Small Spaces

Tiny House Hobbies and Fun Activities

If you feel like your home space is inhibiting you from enjoying your hobbies, we can help you with ideas for a dozen amazing hobbies and fun activities for small spaces. It's time to let your creativity out and get some leisure home-time in relaxing and productive ways.

Outfit Ideas for Men Working From Home

Outfit Ideas for Men Working From Home

With all the pandemic scare around us, it's become a norma to work from home. The technology is available to do so and there are some decided advantages to doing your job from home. It also requires that you follow certain guidelines on how to dress.

Fun Crafts to Do With Young Children

Fun Crafts to Do With Young Children

Learning through play is a fun and entertaining way for parents to help their young children develop their skills, broaden their imagination and create independence. Here are some craft ideas to help your children create something of their own and have fun doing it.

Best Flowers That You Love to Grow at Home

Best Flower Plants to Grow at Your Home

If you are looking for a hobby to keep you occupied at these pandemic times, while being interesting and useful, growing flowers at your home could be one of your choices. Take a look at our list of 10 best flower plants to grow in your home or garden.

10 Essential Car Accessories Every Car Must Have

10 Essential Car Acessories

Your car is much more than a driving vehicle to get you from A to B. It's more like your home away from home, so it should be equipped with best accessories to use. See our quick guide listing of 10 essential accessories that every car must have.

DIY Summer Crafts to Make With Your Kid

DIY Summer Crafts to Make With Kids

When the school is out during summer, there is plenty of time for kids and parents to engage into activities for fun and creativity. It's a good way to avoid boredom and also for parents and children to bond. Get started with these 4 summer crafts ideas for kids.

Home Office Ideas to Keep You Motivated All Day

Home Office Ideas for Motivation

Working from home has become a new reality during the course of this pandemic. There is work to be done and bills to be paid, so the work must go on, or we all perish. Make your work from home and pleasant and as productive as possible with these home office tips.

Self-Sufficient Wax Crafts to Do During the Pandemic

Self-Sufficient Wax Crafts to Do

Like it or not, the pandemic is here and we have to deal with it the best way we can. Stay positive and focus on the things you can do to make the most of your self isolation and social distancing. Pick up a hobby or a craft, to engage your mind and body and feel useful.

Start Model Airplane Collecting Featuring Kitty Hawk

Model Aircraft Collecting with Kitty Hawk

When you are a serious airplane collector, you want to have really historical models in your collection. One of the best to include is the true pioneer of aviation, the legendary Kitty Hawk. This is the plane the Wright Brothers used for their historical flights in 1903.

Best Hiking Spots in Alabama

Best Hiking Spots in Alabama

From the beaches of Gulf Shores to the mountains of Huntsville, Alabama is a dream come true for all hikers out there. There's something for everybody's taste, including overnight hikes for those with busy schedule. Here are some of the best hikes in Alabama.

Hobbies to Keep You Busy During Self Isolation

Hobbies to Keep Busy in Self-Isolation

Social distancing and self-isolation is something we all have to adjust to for a period of this new pandemic. The COVID-19 has most of use home-bound, which can be stressful over a long period of time. One way to deal with this is to pursue hobbies during self-isolation.

How to Declutter Your Hobbies and Crafts Room

Declutter Your Hobbies and Crafts Room

Having more things often means more clutter around the house. This tends to compound if your pursue a hobby or craft activity, leaving you little time to clean up after you. Get organized with these ideas how to declutter your hobbies and crafts room.

5 Hobbies That Can Make Money

5 Hobbies That Can Make Money

We usually pursure a hobby as a spare time activity, to socialize, or something creative to challenge our own abilities. But if we can make some extra money from it, that's a whole new ballgame. The idea is to find easy ways to make money from your hobbies. Here are 5.

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